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We are in NO WAY associated or affiliated with the Cuba Gooding Sr. Catalog or Label 'Scheherazade' and/or 'Scheherazade Recordings'.

Please report anybody claiming such. You can report via the Scheherazade Records Facebook page.

SoundExchange who supplies data to this website: has already been notified as of the 22nd of May 2022 and on numerous, subsequent occasions regarding the incorrect Record Label name that they have assigned to Red Charcoal, Baby Electrum Thordurson and Baby Electrum Son of Shango. Information on this website: and is also incorrect or incomplete. Click here ( for correct song data.

We are and have been in the process of having this incorrect Record Label name changed back to 'Scheherazade Records' on the platform/s where this data is incorrect.

Also, we are published by Songtrust also known as ST Music LLC (a division of Downtown Music Holdings) and have no contact with Songtrust Ave or St Music Llc.

Please report anybody claiming such. You can report here at

We are also not associated with 'Red Charcoal LLP' SO307009.